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Educational Partners

Our educational partners are Florida International University School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Miami Dade College Travel and Tourism Management Department, Miami Dade College Hospitality Management Program, Johnson & Wales University Hospitality Culinary Arts Programs and the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism (AOHT) schools that prepare a diverse population of high school students for post-secondary education and careers in hospitality and tourism. Our AOHT school partners are Booker T  Washington Senior High School, John A. Ferguson Senior High School, Miami Springs Senior High School, Miami Beach Senior High School, Miami Norland Senior High School, Miami Homestead Senior High School, and Robert Morgan Educational Center.

Florida International University:
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Johnson and Wales:
Culinary Program
Miami Dade:
Travel and Tourism
St Thomas University:
Florida Memorial University:
Academy of Hospitality and Tourism: