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Reconnect Campaign

In an effort to reconnect with our Alumni, Black Hospitality Initiative has launched a "Reconnect Campaign" aimed at reaching out to our Black Hospitality Initiative graduates! We are so very proud of all of you and want to keep in contact. As a graduate of the Black Hospitality Initiative program, you can still benefit from staying in touch with us.

We are anxious to hear from you, so please take a few minutes to update your Alumni Profile and familiarize yourself with this Alumni section of our website ... and give us your feedback.

For more detailed information about the benefits of being a Black Hospitality Initiative Alumnus, please visit our Alumni Benefits page. You will find a wealth of information about Networking, our Mentor Program, and more. Please submit your photo and story to our editing department to be showcased in our new upcoming "Black Hospitality Initiative Success Stories" website section.
Did you know that you can find Black Hospitality Initiative on several Social Networking sites? Look for us on: LinkedIn; Facebook; Join in and share your thoughts and experiences.